Strategic Review, Analysis and Planning

 Engaging with the Future for strategic analysis, review and planning

Tim is a qualified Futurist and holds a Masters of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University.  This academic rigour in the field has assisted with the development of TCCT’s  unique Strategic analysis, review and planning processes.  With a future thinking approach , these dynamic processes will provide your organisation with detailed analysis and review or the tools you need that will create an effective Strategic Plan for the future.  Equally we can utilise this strategic foresight expertise to review future directions for services and organisations in the ever demanding world of alliances, federations, mergers and takeovers.

We are all facing a rapidly and significantly changing environment not only locally, but nationally and globally. An effective strategic review and/or planning process can provide organisations with leadership strategies to manage current threats and support potential future success.

About the dynamic Tim Childs Consulting and Training Strategic Planning Process:

Our unique process gives you the tools you need to develop an effective strategic plan that is relevant to your organisation & service user needs. Through our proven strategic planning process, we can guide your organisation to develop coherent and credible stories for a range of alternative futures.

Tim Childs Consulting and Training’s unique Strategic Planning Process helps you to:

  • Explore and identify internal and external environmental factors that may affect how you plan
  • Draw upon the expertise and skills of existing staff and key stake holders
  • Understand issues and events that may otherwise be overlooked
  • Explore both risks and opportunities for your organisation in the future
  • Assist the selection of those strategies that will help influence current decisions to better serve your clients and communities, and develop your strategic plan.
  • Can assist you to develop your own internal, rolling review process that provides ongoing sustainability with improved strategic thinking and practice of your team.

TCCT works with our clients to look to the future, and beyond the immediate planning cycle. We can assist your organisation to identify, plan and prepare for social, economic, environmental and/or other changes that could affect the way your service may operate in the future.

Rolling Review Process (An in-housel sustainable process)

TCCT also has an excellent track record in assisting organisations to develop the in-house capacity to manage rolling strategic review and planning processes.  This enables organisations to undertake their own process through capacity building of staff and the development of sustainable tools and systems to allow Strategic Planning to become a living, adapting part of the organisation’s planning landscape.

Here’s what our clients have said about TCCT’s unique Strategic Planning Process:

“We engaged the team at Tim Childs Consulting (TCC) to assist us in the development of our new 5 year Strategic Plan. Throughout the process we were impressed at the level of professionalism, attention and energy that Tim and the team displayed, guiding us through the strategic planning process to inform our future work.”

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the actual planning days, which were dynamic, highly participatory and ensured everyone had the ability to contribute to the overall goals and directions of the organisation.”

“Tim is an excellent facilitator, and took us through an amazing process that resulted in us agreeing on a new vision, statement of purpose, strategic goals and a set of articulated organisational values. We are now armed to move forward with confidence to a positive future for the organisation and the community that we serve.”