Management and Human Resources

TCCT can provide your organisation with a range of Human Resource packages. Our services include:

Person Centred Supervision

This one day course is suitable for CEOs, Managers and anyone in a supervisory role. It is designed for participants to gain an understanding of the key principles of a person centred approach to workplace supervision which will allow them to return to their workplaces with a work book of tools and information.

Person Centred Workplace Supervision is suitable for all human service sector managers who are committed to providing quality supervision in their workplace.

The training is as useful for first time supervisors and those who have been in a supervisory role for some time who would like to refresh and update their practice.

Person Centred Performance Management/Improvement

Person Centred Workplace Performance Management is suitable for all CEOs, Managers and anyone in a supervisory role committed to providing quality support to staff in their workplace.

The training is based upon the supervisor working through all possible options for improving the performance of the individual staff member with re-assignment as the last option if all others have proved unsuccessful. The training provides both theory and group work to assist supervisors going back to their workplaces with tools and processes to enable them to begin a performance improvement process with their staff.

This dynamic one day workshop covers a range of topics including:

  • how to objectively analyse performance
  • ways to improve individual performance
  • coaching and developing staff
  • how to give staff effective feedback

Staffing structure evaluation and review

We have extensive experience in assisting clients with re-structuring services and programs, particularly in relation to ensuring the most suitable skilled and experienced staff are in the correct roles.

TCCT has assisted organisations with retrenchment of staff, award and industrial matters as well as Position Description and duty statements.

TCC has considerable experience in undertaking reviews of national and state CEOs, providing a comprehensive insightful analysis of performance and future challenges.

The reviews can include mechanisms for feedback from external stakeholders, board and staff, and is undertaken within a reflective, strengths based, learning framework.

Team building and development

This is a dynamic and interesting workshop that achieves positive and motivating outcomes. It provides a perfect opportunity for your team to take some time out to reflect on how they are working together as a unit.

Using a strengths-based model, we take the team through:

  • an analysis of current strengths
  • identify strengths to work on in the future
  • focus on solutions rather than problem solving
  • a guided visualisation through the workplace
  • developing a set of shared team values to underpin the future team culture

These exercises culminate into some committed actions for the future that can be used to inform work planning.