Facilitation & Training

Tim Childs is a proven and effective facilitator, with extensive experience in training and workshop facilitation. Tim’s energetic, person centred approach always results in engaging, practical and dynamic training.

Tim’s training in mediation and adult education support his facilitation skills in engaging and managing a group through an agenda and meeting the agreed training outcomes of the day.

Training can be tailored to suit your organisation’s individual needs and include the following:

  • Person Centred Supervision
  • Person Centred Performance Management/Improvement
  • Board Governance
  • Person Centred Good Governance
  • Team Building and Development
  • Person Centred Organisational Development
  • Introduction to Meetings and Presentations
  • Introduction to Best Practice Case Notes
  • Get That Job – CV, Selection Criteria and Interview Techniques

We can also work with your organisation to develop specific training suited to your workplace requirements.

We are committed to work with organisations and participants to maximise the potential for learning transfer. Learning transfer is monitoring how much new information is taken from professional development activities, and how to integrate these activities into everyday work practice sustainably.