Board Governance Training & Mentoring

TCCT can support boards of Incorporated Associations, Co-operatives and Companies Limited by Guarantee with training and on-site mentoring and feedback programs. The programs provide information on compliance issues for both board governance, and advisory committee governance.

Our Board Governance training program includes:

  • What is board governance
  • Strategies for effective governance
  • The responsibilities of the board
  • Identifying and managing conflict of interest
  • Development of a board work plan

We offer the board the opportunity to work face to face with our consultants as part of our board mentoring program. We will attend and observe board meetings, providing feedback on:

  • Best practice meeting procedures
  • Compliance issues
  • Conflict of interest
  • Business processes
  • Assessment of governance and operational issues
  • Review of board performance

Person Centred Good Governance Training Workshop:

This workshop identifies the key leadership requirements of a Board around the development of Person Centred Practice within organisations and includes the development and use of Person Centred tools in board processes.

The workshop also enables participants of a board to engage with a range of issues including:

  • Legal and ethical frameworks
  • Working with the CEO/manager
  • Developing maintenance and renewal strategies for the board
  • Understanding the role of leading the strategic planning process
  • Developing roles and responsibilities of the board (including the development of position descriptions for each board member)
  • Working with the Auditor

TCCT was on the NDS (NSW) approved Panel of Experts to provide Person Centred Good Governance to eligible boards under the subsidised good governance program.