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Tim Childs is the Principal Consultant and owner of Tim Childs Consulting & Training Pty Ltd. He has worked in the community based human services sector of Australia for more than 20 years, in roles as diverse as support worker, academic researcher, CEO and Board Director.

Tim was formerly CEO of Northern Rivers Social Development Council, the peak body promoting fairness and social inclusion in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Tim is currently the Chair of Animals Australia and previously was an Associate Director of Common Equity NSW, and was also a Director for 4 years. Additionally, he has been a board member of the Tenants Union of NSW, NSW Community Legal Centre Secretariat, and an Advisor to the NSW National Parks Association.

Tim was on the Panel of Experts for the National Disability Service (NDS) NSW Good Governance Program. He has worked with a number of organisations across the human services sector, including Disability, Aged Care, Early Childhood, Asylum Seeker and Refugee areas.

Additionally, Tim is an experienced project manager, professional supervisor and mentor with a reflective, person-centred approach to his work. He has extensive experience in managing large, State and sector-wide projects such as TasCOSS Partnership Kit, NCOSS Partnership Kit, ClubGRANTS NSW Representative Resource Kit, NGO Sector EngagementProject.

Tim is an innovative and dynamic facilitator who specialises in Strategic Planning and creating productive processes for organisations. Tim draws on more than 20 years experience in Human Services and has been a Manager and CEO of several national, regional and metropolitan based services.

Tim is a consultant that likes to learn and understand his clients’ needs first and stays focused, inspiring change in both organisations and individuals alike. He is an experienced leader in change management within groups and organisations.

Tim has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Foresight, a Bachelor of Social Science and certificates in Workplace Training and Assessment and Community Management.

Tim is a Member of the Association of Professional Futurists

To find out more about what a Futurist does, go to: www.apf.org

Tim is supported by a team of consultants that support both back office and service and project work.