Tim Childs Consulting & Training (TCCT) is a specialist consulting and training group working with government departments, peak bodies, NGOs, individuals and local communities. Our focus is the connection between supporting service in the present while recognising our responsibility to the future.IMG_3465 copy

In all the work we do, we aim to work by our core principles:

With our extensive experience working in the human services sector, over the past nine years TCCT has successfully managed more than 300 projects for our clients. We have a diversity of skills, strengths, gifts and knowledge within our team that will support you to achieve positive results with your clients, communities and teams.
Our skilled people have experience working in senior human services management roles, so we understand your needs, your obligations to your clients and communities, your workplaces, your resource challenges and your need to achieve sustainable short and long term outcomes.
We pride ourselves on our professional service, and our hundreds of testimonials from happy clients verify our accomplishments in this area. TCCT is committed to working with you to achieve your goals and meet outcomes within an agreed timeframe.
At the core of our consultancy is our deep commitment to support individuals, organisations and communities. We believe that heart and professionalism can co-exist to provide quality, meaningful outcomes. Passion, respect and relationship go hand in hand with our professional approach to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
Being in a Relationship
We are not a “one size fits all” consultancy and we recognise the value and importance of tailoring our approach to your individual needs. TCCT has developed unique methodologies to build relationship with our clients quickly, to understand your organisational or service requirements. We believe that being in genuine relationship with our clients is fundamental to quality outcomes. Our consultants’ person centred approach means we are often mistaken for being a part of your organisation, not outsiders.


Our services include:

"Infinite service to the present, infinite responsibility to the future"

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